Discussion: Fast Food Reflection
Author Yelizaveta Dyedova Ayers


           Instructor: Grace Apiafi


How healthy are you? What needs to be improved in your life? What ideas do you have to improve your health?

                                          Project 1: Personal Prescription Paper 

    How healthy am I ?

      I’m soon 64. There are many reasons that affect us when we get older. I love to sit more and move less. I want to sleep and eat something that I don’t need to eat at old age. Mood changes over the years, and sometimes there is a tendency for depression.  

Sometimes I do exercises, but I confess that it’s a little difficult to do. I don’t know if it’s because I’m overweight.

After various crashes, I have headaches. The memory is not very good and everything is harder than before.

I want to sit and even sleep more. What would be my goal in all this? 

What needs to be improved in your life?

 1. It is necessary to activate my life from the very morning.   More to walk and more to be outdoors. I wake up early in the morning, water the flowers and cook dinner for everyone. I try to be more by the ocean. In the future I like to do this regularly.  Actively swim in the pool or in the ocean.  This will burn more calories and promote metabolism. 

      This will help me to improve my mood and balance and my nervous system.

     2.   I believe in a cold and hot shower. Especially in the evening before going to bed. It improves sleep. Helps you fall asleep faster. 

    3. 2-3 times we with my husband we will go to the ocean. We walk by the ocean. 

What ideas do you have to improve your health?

     It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Balanced nutrition plays an important role in maintaining a healthy weight. It will also protect you from many diseases. And regular exercise will give you more energy.