Here are some guidelines to be considered when you are buying solar panels for the first time.  This guide may be helpful especially for the first time buyers who are confused about solar power and want to know how to make the right solar panel investment.

What are the things you need to consider when buying your solar panel system?

  • Make sure you only deal with credible solar providers who can provide you with expert and accurate advice about the best design and installation to suit your home & budget.
  • They should also be able to provide you with accurate figures on the approximate system payback time.
  • You should also be educated about what the rebates and incentives offered by the government are and how to maximise them. You should also be aware of the feed-in tariff that you can access in your state that will pay for the electricity produced by the panels.
  • You do get what you pay for, and settling for cheap solar panels & components will generally prove false economy in the longer term. Remember your system should provide 20+ useful years of energy generation!
  • You can’t get an accurate quote over the phone; only trust a company who take the time to come out to your home to do a detailed assessment which takes into consideration your home design and location factors (see below

Location: First thing you need to know before you buy the solar panels is where to efficiently put these panels.  The solar panels will work most effectively if you can face them towards north, they should also be set at the correct angle to point directly at the sun.  There should not be any trees, buildings or shading that can block the solar panels. The effectiveness of the solar panels also depends on the kind of weather where you live in.  Solar Panels installed in areas like Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane can generate more electricity on an average day; these cities produce more 10% -30% more electricity compared to Hobart and Melbourne.

Choosing the best Solar Panel Supplier and Installer; Australia has an effective accreditation scheme, and the solar provider and installer of the solar panels must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council, who set a high standard for the design and installation of solar PV systems.  Installer work is usually guaranteed for a year.  The Clean Energy Council has provided a list of accredited designer/installers on their website that you can contact.  When looking for designer/installer you should look for the good track records of the company and a good reputation.  The designer/installer should have been in the industry for a quite awhile to secure their relevant expertise.

Solar panels & the other system components should meet or exceed the set industry standards; you should always make sure that the solar panel that you will be purchasing has meet all the standard components set by the Clean Energy Council. This will also give you eligibility to claim the solar credits & rebates available.  You should ask your installer for the supply proof.  The grid-connected inverters must be approved for the connection of the grid to Australia by complying with AS4777 and have the current Certificate of Suitability.

Researching small details about solar panels is a good thing to do before you go ahead and spend thousands of dollars. This can help you to protect the investment that you will be putting on the solar energy.

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