An anxiety test

Author Yelizaveta Dyedova Ayers


           Instructor: Grace Apiafi

An anxiety test is a type of anxiety that is associated with work. When people are very worried at work, a stressful situation arises. some are so worried that they can’t do the maximum.

For example, exams at school or a job test.

• Social isolation

• Increased feelings of anger or frustration

• Feeling overwhelmed

When you come to a new place of residence, a feeling of social loneliness appears, a feeling of anger or distraction may increase. Feeling depressed. They recommend going to a psychiatrist and drawing up a plan that would help overcome the problems of new communication. But what could we do to resist stress?


• Reducing anxiety

I will say a few words about how I am transferring a new society. In Ukraine, it was pretty simple. I was an actress and we constantly went to film sets or with concerts to other places. These were other cities and therefore other people. And it is always stressful. Usually you always worry, whether in one degree or in another. But usually a trained actor suffers these difficulties. All this comes with time and with training.

Not everything was alright with nervousness. In the USA, it was quite difficult for me to cope with stress, because here the system is different and another culture. Also, there are no familiar friends and there are no relatives and close ones nearby. It is hard to tolerate.  When married it’s not so easy everything goes with friends. But you have to look all the same. Also, if you are an actress, you must be careful in choosing. It is not easy.

 If you really suffer very much, it is better to see a professionals. It is difficult to give advice in this direction. You need to know exactly what you are really afraid of and what exactly can help you in specific situations.

The doctor can certainly help, but you also need to try to overcome stress difficulties.

I read several articles and looked at some sites on anxiety and stress management.
  In Anxiety reduction techniques article Link (Links to an external site.) 
talks about studying stress and anxiety. The fact that there are many systems to relax and relieve stress. There are breathing exercises and meditation, exercises on visualization and image formation.

Read more: (Links to an external site.)

 Test Anxiety Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

It is says that we all experience stress in a test situation. No one really likes testing.
We always experience some kind of stress and anxiety. Link (Links to an external site.)

By kendra cherry
Updated September 17, 2019

Yes, teachers sometimes scream and  very often get angry. Now our life is full of stress wherever we go. A lot of problems and all of them are sometimes resolved not so simple. We are all nervous.