Author Yelizaveta Dyedova Ayers


           Instructor: Grace Apiafi

Environmental health is the health of the environment.
Everything that surrounds us relates to ecology.
Since there will be clean air, water and everything that surrounds us so we will exist and develop in this environment. Millennia pass, the world around us changes and people and their lifestyles change.
If you look at the history of the world, you can see the crucial changes in the periods of evolution.
For example, the Industrial Revolution was a turning point not only in the industry but throughout the history of ecology.
An important role was played by the discovery of polymers and plastics.
We use the Earth’s natural reserves and only now realize their consequences.
But technology is also changing over time and is already focusing on protecting the environment.
We have already understood what the unplanned use of the planet’s gold reserves is leading to.
Climate change is one of the problems. Many argue about it. But if you look deeper into the results, you can see the facts of the immediate consequences.
Plastics are now almost at the forefront of pollution. We made a movie about plastics and tried to tell them how they pollute the ocean.
We tried to look at the problem of pollution, but as a result, we came to the conclusion that plastics play a minor role in all industrial levels of the world. We realized that no matter how clean the beaches or around us, the plastic would still get into the ocean.
what is the way out? I suggested that I promote my decision about plastics. What if you replace them with other components that may dissolve in water.
 After a bit of searching on the Internet, I found several options. It gives hope. The hope is that people do not remain indifferent to the problem of the environment and ultimately come to the right solutions.

I really liked your article. Most of all, it is evident that you have a strong desire to help clean up debris in the places where you live. I agree with your version of environmental health. I think protecting the environment around us is a grand idea for the betterment of our lives. But I can also argue with you about that. It seemed to me that the best thing was to teach people not to throw  and create the garbage  around them.

Unfortunately I don’t have my yard now. But there was a time when we had large yards in Washington State and the neighbors dumped garbage there when they remodeled their home. In America, this is very simple, because there are strict laws.
It is also not necessary to downplay the work of people who clean beaches and streets. This is huge work! we made a movie about junk on the streets and by the ocean  and we saw everything clean in many areas! It seems to me that if you need to clean around you, you also have to think that there are people and companies that do much better. You don’t know what you are lifting from the ground. This can be something dangerous to your health and then the local authorities will be responsible for that. I wouldn’t have called for that. But there are organizations that work on an amateur basis. They are well-instructed and are always waiting for volunteers!

Thank you for your interesting comments. You can’t imagine how many people think about protecting the environment. People, companies invest huge amounts of time and money in finding the right solutions. But of course there are those that simplify the facts, and this plays a negative role in solving environmental problems.

But basically, I don’t believe in bad people, I believe in bad teaching and  not enough  educations. An incredible number of new discoveries have already been found. It is  will solve many problems.