Discussion: Fast Food Reflection
Author Yelizaveta Dyedova Ayers


           Instructor: Grace Apiafi

1 Have your views about fast food and the negative effects it plays with heart disease and early death changed based on the video and weekly readings?

High-calorie foods always have a lot of fat, salt cholesterol and sugar. But it is often very tasty and we love this food.
But if we eat such food often it will harm our health.We all know about this, but on the other hand there are inexplicable things.

Which food is healthy and which is not? It is always a question when choosing food. Very often it is necessary to attach some research to this. If I chose what I would eat in McDonald’s it would be a salad. But with age I can’t eat solid foods, which is a pity. I don’t eat fest food at all and try to avoid it. In my house, in Ukraine, we do not eat such food. But my husband loves to eat in this restaurant and his whole big family. All of them almost do not ache with acute diseases, although they constantly eat there. How to explain this? I do not know. Probably something is still not so scary in this restaurant. And the most important thing is the price. For a large family, this is a very profitable restaurant and everyone likes it. The food is now very expensive. If you buy groceries in the store, you will spend at least $ 40 at a time. And you have to cook. What we have not tried and McDonald’s is most profitable. 

What are some ways in which you feel you may limit the amount of fast food?

 If you are hungry, then you do not really count calories. And just eat what you have.I like Fries. This is 230 Cal.Many do not get fat from this meal.  But basically it’s certainly the amount of food. How much you eat and how much you move.   Fest food is not good for health and it is in any restaurant or store. Add more fruits and vegetables to your food is the best choice of all.  We all need to study food and it is already our responsibility  what do we eat and how much.

What responsibility do you feel the CEOs should have (if any) in terms of its customers’ well being?

 CEOs  should be sure to warn those who sell food.