Discussion: Holistic Health Resources

Author Yelizaveta Dyedova Ayers


           Instructor: Grace Apiafi


The article is devoted to the study of the health of a human being. The author critically analyzes the definition of health contained in the Constitution (Constitution) of the World Health Organization.

CyberLeninka: https://cyberleninka.ru/article/n/zdorovie-cheloveka-kak-tselostnogo-prirodno-sotsialno-duhovnogo-suschestva

Based on the idea of man as a natural, social, and spiritual integrity, he offers an alternative formulation of the definition of this concept.

https://studme.org/73911/meditsina/ponyatie_zdorovya_zdorovogo_ob (Links to an external site.)


This site has an article about Holistic Health. It says that human health is the process of preserving and developing its mental and physiological qualities, optimal performance and social activity with a maximum life expectancy.
In 1985, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave the following definition of health: “Health is a state of complete physical, spiritual and social well-being, and not just the absence of diseases and physical defects.”


This site says how lifestyle is related to health.
Each person has his own lifestyle. Someone used to go to bed early and get up early, while someone, on the contrary, likes to sit after midnight and sleep longer in the morning. Someone leads an active life and likes to go camping, while someone prefers to watch television programs. There are avid theatergoers who do not miss a single premiere, but there are also people who visit the theater once every several years. Some people like to read and collect a large library at home, while others have almost no books in the house. Our lifestyle leaves its mark on everything we do.


Well, on this site the author discusses Wellness – this is an interesting concept of well-being, in the broadest sense. Its goal is to improve the quality of our lives, prevent physical or mental illness, visiting, taking care and improving all those areas that surround us: food, body, emotions, relationships, the environment … This is a concept of well-being, holistic health, boom, and it’s worth knowing.


What is being discussed on this site has a really interesting concept.

Pleasant living and working conditions can be achieved thanks to the appropriate room temperature, fresh, clean air, natural light in the interior, sound insulation.


https://ahha.org/selfhelp-articles/a-simplified-explanation-of-holistic-health/ (Links to an external site.)


Wellness is much more than the absence of physical symptoms. The complete well-being and interdependence of the body / mind / spirit are new to almost all of our participants. We emphasize that our mind and spirit are ill only if we allow it. This question of personal responsibility for our choice is a topic that is present throughout the program.


Beliefs and attitudes, Exercise, Social support, Beliefs and Relationships, Creative Thinking

 Respond :

Disputes about the issue of age is very popular. I can not disagree with your reasoning. You are absolutely right. Now we are not moving much. Especially like me. I’m soon 64 ! I walk very little at my age. In places where I live no one walk on the streets !. We don’t even like to drive there by car. And if someone goes out for a walk, then it doesn’t work out very well. We run to the place where we need and quickly run back.  Just in case. Not everyone wants to run. So old people have to sit more like me, now at home, then in the car. We have a good house for retirees, but I rarely go there, and all for this reason. Yes, I spend a lot of time worrying about my finances.  Now how do I determine if I am in good health? Thank you very much for your reasoning. 


Very interesting topic! I am from Ukraine and still cannot get used to the culture of this country. For us emigrants, much and much is not clear! This does not mean that we are different or not. I would like to note that some sociological aspects in a culturally  and sociologically adapted society are going from the accepting or not accepting this or that adaptation in a sociologically formed society. However the keys to the success of healthy people are, it’s not only a balanced view of problems, it’s also their solutions, but this is not always possible due to lack of time in different situations.