To maximise the benefits you’ll receive from your solar power investment it’s best to be on the safe side and follow the guidelines released by your local government and useful tips from the internet or from reliable company and sources. In Australia the Clean Energy Council provides extensive resources on their website in regard to certified installers and manufacturers, and they also have a very useful consumer’s guide to solar panels which is recommended reading before making your purchase.

Investing in solar power is a major household or business decision since it will involve thousands of dollars and the amount of electricity savings it will provide for you can vary considerably depending on how well you do things.

Here are some guidelines before buying;


Conduct some research before selecting a solar company. Know the background of who you are dealing with and check whether they are reliable enough to entrust your money with them. The testimonial page of the company’s website gives some idea, and a quick search of online forums will soon show if consumers have had issues when dealing with them in the past.

The next thing you need to do is to be knowledgeable in regard to the government bonuses and schemes available in your region. A professional solar company should be also willing and able to give you detailed and up to date advice as part of their quote.

Lastly be sure to hire certified installers or you won’t be eligible for any government bonuses or the feed in tariff scheme.

Installation Process

Although certified installers are very knowledgeable regarding selecting the best positioning and proper angling of your solar panels it would still be best if you are visible during the installation and can make sure that everything is done properly. Generally it will take more time and expensive on their part to install the system to its optimal design capability so you want to choose installers with the integrity to do so.

The job should look very neat on completion in regard to the wiring and all panels should be firmly fixed in place.

Some larger solar companies have their own team of installers which helps to give you peace of mind as to follow up service should there be any issues. Solar panels may look simple but the systems actually have a large number of small components and it is not uncommon for a tiny piece to be missing or broken, this should be able to be fixed promptly.

Recent reports have shown that theft of solar panels is a new issue in some areas because of the sheer value of larger systems. Properly securing it will prevent this, and anti-theft devices like braces and one way screwing are also available to further increase the protection of your investment.

Post Installation

Usually the post installation guidelines are more on maintenance and proper usage of the system. Although typically the system should need not major maintenance, cleaning them regularly will help maintain the panel’s optimum condition and its ability to deliver more clean electricity for longer years.

Maximising your solar power system is one of the ultimate goals of the federal government of Australia to reduce our countries carbon emissions, as well as reducing energy bills to allow for a better quality of living for Australian families.

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